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Are Luxury Cars Worth the Extra Money?

Are luxury cars worth the extra money? To determine if a luxury car is worth the extra money, you must first determine what kind of driver you are. Are you a driver that just needs a mode of transport

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What Really Defines a Luxury Car?

Luxury can mean many things: diamonds, comfort, expensive. But what makes a car luxurious? What really defines a luxury car? A car is luxurious if it provides you with the best driving experience on t

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Facts About Luxury Cars

Owning a luxury car is not a far away fantasy as it may seem; you do not have to be  a millionaire to own your dream car, and we are here to tell you why at Lotus West. In this blog we will be discus

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Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Luxury Car

A luxury car is not only a desirable vehicle that drives fast and looks good doing it, it speaks more about someone’s status. The elegant body, shiny paint, prestigious brands, custom interior, and

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How to Maintain Your Luxury Car

Your luxury car is an investment and you should learn how to maintain it properly. Just because your luxury car is expensive, does not mean that it will stay in its mint-condition forever. If you don

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