The Best Fuel Efficient Luxury Cars

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Most Fuel Efficient Luxury Vehicles of 2019

Whether you have a long daily trips often or stay closer to home, maximizing your MPG has never implied more. Here are the most fuel-efficient 2019 Luxury Vehicles, ranked by the combined fuel economy when fitted with an automatic transmission. To be sure, today’s prime vehicles offer an impressive range of exotic materials and royal features, but they have also become well known for their cutting-edge innovations, like those behind the latest fuel-efficient luxury cars. Yes, the new top choices are all-electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid powertrains, and while they just missed the cut-off here, a range of diesel-powered entrants could allow surprisingly high EPA ratings as well. Talking of which, all but one of these cars have cumulative fuel economy ratings of at least 30 mpg, with one that is not yet capable of delivering a double-digit all-electric driving range.

Tesla Model S

Without a question, the best of the best energy-efficient luxury cars is the 2015 Tesla Model S, as it does not use any conventional fuel at all. Alternatively, the elegant, stylish Sedan relies solely on power, providing a range of different battery packs that can expand the length of the car to an EPA-certified 270 miles. At the same time, the particular model, the Model S 85D, to be exact, covers certain miles with an efficiency rating of 95 MPGe City/106 MPGeHighway/100 MPGe combined— while still delivering 417 hp, 259 lb.-ft of torque all-wheel drive and a 0-60 time of 4.2 seconds. Tesla also holds the high ground in terms of tech-focused comfort, supported by a giant 17-inch. touchscreen which monitors nearly all automotive functions, including the opening of the car’s glass panoramic windshield.

Lexus CT200h

The Lexus CT200h isn’t caring for different decisions on this rundown: For a certain something, it’s moderately reasonable, because of an MSRP of $32,200 that makes it the passage point to the Lexus lineup, and for another, it’s the just one to arrive in a hatchback body style, utilizing collapsing seats for an adaptable load hold. However, it’s obviously one of the most eco-friendly luxury vehicles in the nation, ringing up EPA scores of 43 mpg city/40 mpg parkway/42 mpg joined. Actually, no different gas-engined luxury vehicle can see higher mileage grades than those, not by any means the other half and half sections. That doesn’t mean the CT 200h is deficient in either driving elements or lux configuration signals. The vehicle really has a ton of both to offer, from F-package upgrades and appearance to advancements like the Lexus Enform Application Suite.

Lexus ES300h

For drivers who lean toward high-productivity Lexus luxury in a sedan size car, the brand answers the call with the Lexus ES 300h, which has been essentially revived for the new model year. Presently, alongside a refined powertrain that yields EPA signs of 40 mpg city/39 mpg highway/40 mpg combined. The ES 300h invites an amended Lexus “shaft” grille and restyled front belt, set off by standard daylight headlights. Likewise redesigned are the brand’s sound decisions and wellbeing advances. The ES also offers back cross-traffic alert, forward impact notice with brake help, path takeoff alert (with guiding help), a rearview camera and Lexus’ Rapid Powerful Radar Journey Control. So truly, the Lexus ES 300h is one of the country’s best high-mpg luxury vehicles.

Infiniti Q50h

The Infiniti brand isn’t actually known for high-productivity motoring, yet it features two of the country’s top luxury autos for eco-friendliness, including the Infiniti Q50h. In the Q50h car, engineers have conveyed a 3.7-liter V6 gas motor and an Infiniti Direct Reaction Half and half framework to present 360 hp, a 0-60 dash time of 4.9 seconds, and an EPA line of 29 mpg city/36 mpg highway/31 mpg combined. The Q50h provides premium features, for example, the Infiniti InTouch availability framework, alongside upscale style contacts and buttons. A comparable blend of cutting edge and the customary moves the outside appearance of the Q50h, granting the vehicle eye-catching curves and aesthetics.

BMW i8

Yes, the i3 might be more affordable, but it’s the stunning BMW i8 that really combines luxury looks and reliability with superior quality. After all, it is a supercar model, complete with innovative scissor doors and a highly aerodynamic “streamflow” exterior, thus enabling true supercar performance, thanks to a plug-in hybrid powertrain that blends BMW eDrive technology with a TwinPower turbo gas-powered. Working together, these modules are capable of producing 357 hp and 420 lb.-ft. The torque then propels the i8 from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds. But that’s not why this is one of the best fuel-efficient luxury cars available today. To make the accolade, the i8 also boasts a 14-mile all-electric driving range, together with the ability to cover a maximum of 330 miles — with EPA rated 28 mpg of combined travel — when depending on its “normal” hybrid capability.

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