What Really Defines a Luxury Car?

May 26th, 2020 by

Luxury can mean many things: diamonds, comfort, expensive. But what makes a car luxurious? What really defines a luxury car? A car is luxurious if it provides you with the best driving experience on the road. The luxury car pleases your senses with the high quality of the car: the soft leather, open space, thick carpet, plenty of light, and many more features.

What is Luxury

Luxury brands, like Porsche, Infiniti, Lotus, and Mercedes-Benz produce high-quality cars that look and feel good to drive. Each luxury brand makes their car with the highest quality of components. A luxury brand can make economical cars as well and brands known to make mainstream cars can make a luxury car. A luxurious car is not defined by brand but rather by how it is built. A luxury brand is only deemed so if the brand consistently produce high-quality cars.

All About Brands

A brand becomes luxurious by earning it over the years by producing high-quality, technological advancements, and beautiful cars consistently. So it is not all about the brand name, if you remove the tag from the front of the car you will still have a luxury car. And an economical brand like Kia can also produce a luxury car based on how attractive and high quality it is like the 2019 K-900.

Some luxurious brands were created to sell more advanced versions of economical cars. For example the Acura and Lexus cars were created to sell better versions of Hondas and Nissans. “In places like Korea and Japan, wealthy car buyers have no problem spending serious money on large, powerful and nicely equipped cars like the Nissan Cedric or Toyota Crown Majesta. If you can accept that one brand can sell everything from a budget friendly fuel sipper all the way up to a high-performance coupe or luxury sedan (like Chevrolet), it might change the way you shop for a new car” (Brian Moody).

If you still think a luxury car means having fancy paint and showing off the wheels, you are wrong. Luxury means high quality, comfort, and exceptional drivability. Luxury brands pay attention to detail because that is what essentially matters not the brand name stamped on the front and back.

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